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Tavion M

Tavion was a virgin who had failed with many other dating coaches in the past, and was on the verge of giving up on dating forever. Tavion was able to get 8 new women over 8 weeks, and overcome all of his mental barriers around dating. 

Loris G

Loris is a 45-old-year guy who didn't  believe he could consistently date younger women. Over the program, Loris was able to blast past his barriers and sleep with a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old on the same weekend. 

Nikolas C

Nikolas was a successful entrepreneur who had handled everything... except for dating. He was dating "6s and 7s" and had only been with 5 girls in his life. through coaching, Nikolas was able to sleep with 48 women, including a few models & celebrities. 

Jack R

Jack was struggling with getting dates. "You're responsible for over 80% of my laycount. I've had a new date every day for the past week". He went from having only slept with 10 women in his lifetime to over 50+ new women. He was able to literally 5x his dating results and has no problems continuing this for life!

Sam S

Sam was 44 years-old and was having problems dating women after a breakup. He was able to get 9 new women in less than 3 weeks, AND banged the hottest woman in his entire life. Now, he has no barriers around his age, and is consistently dating younger women.  

Ryan W

Ryan was failing to get results in his dating life after a long hiatus. He was able to get more women than he ever had, and even slept with one of the  hottest girls in his lifetime. Now, he never needs to experience loneliness from being single, with a reliable flow of new dates and women in his life. 

Adir P

Adir was struggling with his self-image  and dating life after wasting tons of time with other coaches. Adir was able to sleep with 6 new women and find a girl who he had an amazing connection with in the period of only 7 weeks. With a proven process and consistent results, he will never struggle in his dating life ever again!

Andrew J

Andrew was stuck in a "dry-spell" (no sex) for months, and was extremely busy with work. During the program, Andrew was able to sleep with 6 new women in only 3 weeks, and have a rock-solid game plan every time he talked to women. He now has the skills to get laid whenever he wants, and will never have a dry-spell again. 

Evan B

Evan was getting no results from online dating, and was extremely busy with work. Through the program, Evan was able to get 50 new phone numbers from women in a matter of only a few days. He also slept with a few of the most attractive women he had ever slept with. He now has the skills to consistently get new women into his life like clockwork. 
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