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When Did You Last Have Sex?

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From: John Anthony
Florianópolis, Brazil
Dear ‘Frustrated’ Single or Divorced Man:

Let's cut the BS.

If you want to attract the women you REALLY WANT...

Without taking YEARS to figure it out...

I'm about to show you EXACTLY how over 10,000 average guys...

Have created more sex options than 99% of men and gotten their dream girlfriends...
Dan Kennedy

John Anthony

15 Years ago, this is where I began... and now my dating system has helped 10,000+ guys in 35+ countries get their dream dating lives :) 

So you can have Access To More Options

And NEVER Settle For an Average Women

My name is John Anthony, and it's important to tell my story so you know I'm not bullshitting... 

After this, you'll understand EXACTLY how to attract new HOT women every week, regardless of if you are 22 or 65, short or 6ft tall, overweight or ripped...

PLUS! You'll have the chance to get access to $15k worth of Dating "Dynamite" for FREE!

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why would you give over $15k of dating material to me... for FREE"?

Let me be 100% honest with you so you understand why I'm doing this...

I have two reasons:
 Reason #1 - I'm pissed off at the fake “gurus” who keep fucking you over. The lessons on this page ALONE will get you INCREDIBLE RESULTS in your dating life almost overnight... and this works for ANY guy regardless of what looks, money, status, height, etc. 
 Reason #2 - I want you to join the 10,000+ men who are CRUSHING IT with my system! If I can help you get MORE dates... and MORE sex than you've ever had (like these guys below)... You'd be insane not to say "yes", right? 

I get guys sending me results like these every single DAY...

Are You Stuck?

I was, too. Many years ago, WAY WAY before YouTube & Facebook... pickup "tactics" were HOT.

The Internet was full of pickup gurus with “canned lines” and "routines"...

It was a shit-show...

I was tired of rejection, feeling nervous, and wasting time spitting out creepy "pickup lines"...

But it wasn't until I fell deep into depression, lonely & dealing with crippling anxiety every day...

That I had a key breakthrough which allowed me to date tons of the hottest women (and help others do the same!!)...

Long story short, I was always "gifted" with a knack for systems...

I was headhunted by Lockheed Martin to protect America from Nuclear Attack...  
Russell Brunson with Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy
Me (John) when I worked for Lockheed Martin

Well, I spent YEARS looking at MILLIONS of variables to keep my country safe...

...and I couldn’t GET LAID.

No matter how hard I tried. NOTHING.

And in case you think I was just a regular guy...

I was much, MUCH worse than how 99% of guys who start out.

NOT ONLY was I an awkward, self-conscious nerd with OCD...

This is embarrassing to admit, but most days I had panic attacks just from going outside.

Every day I thought: 

"I’m not good-looking enough... I'm too anxious... I don't know what to say... Women don't like me..." 

I was depressed, lonely, and FRUSTRATED.

So I made a last-ditch attempt to learn from the greatest “pick-up artists” in the world... 

What I Saw Blew My Fucking Mind...

The guys who were having 90% of the sex...

ALL Had One Thing In Common...

(and no, it wasn't looks, money, status, or height...)

In fact, they all looked like average, everyday guys...

But this ONE THING got them sex “on-demand”.

I didn't need to feel anxious or nervous.

I didn't need to get rejected or embarrassed constantly.

I didn't need to worry about "what to do & say".

I was free of constant rejection and nervousness FOREVER...
Dan Kennedy on bull

This ONE THING wasn’t "tactics" or "tricks"... 

The answer was tried and true “seduction systems” that worked ALL THE TIME...

REGARDLESS of feeling nervous, unattractive, or being over 40.

That's when I had a breakthrough. 

(Which of course was perfectly-timed with having sex with my first '10/10' dream woman... ;)
Russell Brunson interviewing Dan Kennedy

FACT: Dating Can Be Optimized As A "System"

As soon as I realized this, it allowed me to more than 10X my dating life...

So, I Began To Create

“Systems” For My Dating Life...

illustration old media vs new media
I did what any computer-science nerd would do...

Collect as much data as possible.

So I went out “in-field” DAILY to bars and clubs 1,000+ times over 3 years...

Tens of THOUSANDS of interactions with women...

Recorded HUNDREDS of hours of footage...

Learned from ALL the top guys in the game...

Tried every theory imaginable...

And discovered key insights that caused an EXPONENTIAL boost in my dating results... 

The "research" was pretty fun...
I had discovered the "superpower" to get hot women anywhere I went... 

Nightclub, bar, cafe, library... ANYWHERE...

It was like I was living a lucid dream, and could FINALLY attract the women I wanted...

That’s when I launched my “Occam’s Razor” product to help guys who were tired of wasting time and constant rejection... 

It was thanks to a nerdy system engineer's (me) dating system... not tactics... that allowed thousands of men to RAPIDLY achieve rock-star dating lives... 

For years afterward, I refined and optimized my system, because every time I found another 
insight, I ALWAYS got laid a shit ton more (you'll see what I mean later lol)
Russell Brunson with box of junk mail

"Online Dating Is Cheating"

That's what I used to think. 

But one day I realized I just wanted to get hot women...

Who cares if I met them online?

So I decided to optimize online dating...

Testing HUNDREDS of different profile changes...

Testing THOUSANDS of message sequences... 

Testing EVERY text imaginable... 

I created my notorious “flowcharts”... 

How to take ANY woman from Tinder/Bumble/Hinge/etc. and get her into your life within 24 hours... 

This led to my “Leads Machine” product...  

The results beat EVERYTHING else. 

Completely average-looking guys, who were getting nothing before... 

Were now getting TONS of dates... EVEN IF they were old, short, ethnic, or had multi-year dry spells...

I unlocked the CHEAT CODES to online dating and texting... 

These "cheat codes" have worked for THOUSANDS of guys...

Eventually, My Knowledge Would Become

An Optimized "System" That
Would Work For ANY GUY

The Goal Was Simple...
... Give ANY GUY the ability to 
consistently attract women into their life FAST...

In-person AND online... 

So they can fulfill their DEEPEST desires ;)

And that's exactly what I did!

I created the most effective way for single and divorced men to get MASSIVE results in their sex & dating life...
Marketing Secrets Newsletters
I know it's crude, but I kept exact track over the years...
Over the past 10+ years, I've received thousands of emails from guys looking to improve their dating lives...

They were looking for a non-BS system that would ACTUALLY get results.

Here’s the brutal truth... most coaches don't care about students getting REAL results... 

And so most men will waste years or even DECADES of their lives trying to get dating handled (...and still fail miserably).

I knew I had a duty to NOT ONLY improve the dating lives of men... but save them a ton of time, headache & money...

One of these guys was “Steve”. 

“Steve” was recently divorced, lonely and depressed...

I wondered how many "Steves" were out there right now... frustrated and depressed... wondering if they would ever get the women of their dreams...?

That's when I had a crazy thought:

"What if I could be the person to help ALL men across the world never be sexless again?"

So I started training guys on my system... 

And the results were CLEAR AS DAY

Parm, an average-looking 35-year-old virgin Indian finance manager took home a hot woman on the 1st night...

Josh, a short Asian immigrant with a thick accent, took home a tall blonde white woman on the 1st night... 

Paul, a 45-year-old guy stuck in a dry spell took home a 19-year-old AND a 20-year-old back-to-back during my training...

James, a busy professional, getting “more dates than he could handle”...

EVEN IF a guy was under 6 foot, ethnic, ugly, overweight, balding, over 40, recently divorced, extremely busy, or hadn’t talked to a woman in YEARS...

The results came FAST after my training... 

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve helped over 10,000 men get MORE women and options in dating...

More than everyone else in the dating industry combined...


I Combined Everything I Learned Over 13+ Years To Create...

The Only Permanent Solution For Dating

Yes, only. 


After 15,000+ phone numbers, 3,000 nights out, and HUNDREDS OF HOURS of recorded interactions... 

This is BY FAR the most optimized system for ANY MAN to have sex with beautiful women.

I have TONS of case studies and results REGARDLESS of age, height, money, status, body shape. 

I plugged in EVERYTHING I learned over 13 years into a system that let me fuck 1450+ women (as of writing this)...

And THESE are the secret keys... 

The 'Platinum Dating System™️'

A Step-by-Step Blueprint for ALL MEN to achieve the dating lives of their dreams...
illustration ClickFunnels

Lead Acquisition System” To Get 15-20 New Phone Numbers A Week

The biggest factor in your dating results is getting a large number of phone numbers from attractive women (leads)

You will easily get new women into your life every single week...

And create an unlimited stream of dating options...

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illustration teacher at blackboard

Optimized “Texting Scripts” & Lead Management To Setup Dates Every Week

Want to stop wasting time thinking about "what to text"?

My “texting scripts” will turn you into a texting GOD... You will have responses to ALL situations so you can start texting at an elite level (my level) IMMEDIATELY (...and get dates the same day). 
illustration writing copy and laptop

The Ultimate “Seduction Sequence” 
To Go From Date To Your Bedroom

After all... you want to "GET LAID", don't you?

Here are the EXACT steps to effortlesslyclose the deal and have sex... You will never overthink, or sit with your dick in your hand again...
illustration writing copy and laptop

Retention & Rotation Blueprint” To Get & Keep Your Ideal Girlfriend or Rotation

The GF “Retention & Rotation Blueprint” I’ve personally used to have 55 threesomes with my dream girlfriend AND build a harem of 14 hot women... in just 1 year (that’s my GF now on the left!)

You will learn HOW to trigger the “love hormone” that keeps women hooked and begging for your attention... (even if you aren’t monogamous ;) lol)

This Alone Is A Game Changer... But Just To Make It 
As Easy As Possible To Handle Your Dating Life

I Want To Give You

Over $15K Worth Of
"Expert-Level" Dating Material...


Right now all you need to do is say "maybe" and see if you qualify

We will show you HOW to achieve your ideal dating life and get you dates in a matter of weeks... 

This will be the last dating program you will ever need for a lifetime! 


You get access to the exact system I have used to sleep with over 1,450+ women in 30+ countries... a proven system used by 10,000+ guys to get more phone numbers, more dates and more sexual options than 99% of men... without the pain and frustration of wasting your time... 

That's not all! You also get access to 4 WEEKLY Strategy Calls where my team and I show you "behind-the-scenes" breakdowns of the most up-to-date strategies we are using TODAY so you can instantly breakthrough any blockages & start attracting 8's, 9’s and 10’s.

The men in my network are constantly refining my seduction system with thousands of interactions per month and we'll show you what's working and what's not, so you NEVER have to waste time again.

No B.S. + Behind The Scenes Newsletters + bonuses

- Here's Everything -

You Get When You Join Platinum Dating System!

No B.S. Newsletter

The Complete 8-Part 
Platinum Dating System™️  

 ($2997 Value)

The comprehensive skillsets and frameworks to get tons of dates and sex with beautiful women for a LIFETIME. 

In-person AND online dating... learn EXACTLY what to do and say to get high-quality women into your life on demand.

Most guys are on track to getting 1-2 new women every WEEK from this content...

And get their Ideal girlfriend, rotation of regular women, exciting sexual experiences... have it ALL!

You'll Also Get 

  • Inner Game “Mindset-Hacks”...
  • Top 1% Profile Pictures Explained...
  • My “Seduction Sequence” To Turn Her On...
  • Logistics and Closing Tactics...
  • ​Double-Stacking Dates Blueprint...
  • ​Creating 3-Somes & Harems Of Women...
  • ​​And much, MUCH more!

Bonus #1 ($1997 Value)

"Automated Online Dates Machine"

"Magnetic Marketing On Demand"
Think you're too old, ugly, or short to CRUSH online dating? 

Here's how you can finally “hack the system” and get top-tier results from dating apps

No matter your looks, height, race, or weight...

The “Automated Online Dates Machine” lets guys create a top 1% dating profile to CRUSH online dating...

Even if you're getting no matches RIGHT NOW.

Also, use my exact messages you can copy-paste to EASILY move women from Tinder/Bumble/Hinge/etc., to your phone, to dates... 

To your bed ;)

Bonus #3 ($1297 Value)

“Nightgame Seduction System”

"Brass Balls Factor"
Anxious and nervous to talk to women at bars & clubs?

Don't know EXACTLY what to say & do?

No problem... 

This is the ENTIRE step-by-step system to open, attract, take home... 

And GET LAID with the hottest women from bars & clubs...

You'll learn:
  • The key mindsets you NEED to internalize to get laid, every night... (and how to avoid the #1 mistake most guys make when trying to attract women)
  • The “Notorious” Pre-Bootcamp Speech I give before LIVE Programs to totally destroy your anxiety and get you laid the same night!
  • Why NOT mastering ‘objection-handlers’ will DESTROY your dating success... and why they are the hidden “cheat codes” to easily take women home that you JUST met!

Bonus #5 ($997 Value)

“Turning Dates Into Sex” Masterclass

"Renegade Millionaire Time Management System"
Are you getting "ghosted"?

Not sure how to "close the deal" and have sex?

Never have these problems again...

In this masterclass you'll learn:
  • How to "close the deal" consistently (...and why the majority of men get ghosted after first dates in today's day & age)
  • 10 exclusive UNCUT recorded dates on video showing START TO FINISH: what I do and say to get her hooked and turned on... (and take her home)
  • ​Revealing the keys to hijacking your “value-perception” so you can become her CLEAR highest-value option... (so she can’t wait to meet you again)

Bonus #7 ($597 Value)

"Ultimate Lead Working Guide"

"Midas Touch Marketing & Selling"
Want to get ANY woman you meet on a date? 

If you want to possess the “mentalist” ability to get any woman to remember you, EVEN IF you’ve only known her for 30 seconds... 

To have her waiting desperately for your response...

In this guide, you'll learn:
  • The #1 strategy to “pre-frame” dates and drastically decrease your flake rate (This will get women to show up on dates EXCITED to meet you...)
  • The "story" that ignites her attraction to you EVERY TIME, without fail... and it can work regardless of your looks, experience, background, or personality
  • Don't “play it cool”. I reveal why the common recommendation of “playing it cool” DESTROYS at least 50% of your results with women (...and what you NEED to do instead).
Behind The Scenes Newsletter

LIVE Coaching & Training 
With John Anthony

 ($7000 Value)

You won't be doing this alone...

We want to ENSURE you get dating handled in the shortest time possible!

Over 8 weeks, you will get 64 HOURS worth of LIVE coaching so that all your sticking points and weaknesses in dating can be fixed in real-time PERSONALLY by myself (John) & the team... 

You will be guided step-by-step through my entire optimized system so you NEVER get stuck, and can make the best moves in every situation. 

You'll Also Get:

  • 500+ HOURS Of “Archived” Coaching Calls With Thousands of Answers To Dating Questions From REAL Men...
  • “Advanced Game” Dating Strategies You Won’t Find In The Mainstream...
  • 3+ HOURS of Interviews With Top “Underground” Guys In The Game On How They Achieved Top .01% Dating Success...

Bonus #2 ($1697 Value)

“Texting Mastery Blueprint”

"Funnelology Masterclass"
Keep "losing her" through text?

Want to get the date every time

This will teach you EXACTLY what to text any woman to get her hooked and EXCITED to meet you. 

I've analyzed 15,000+ text convos with women to pinpoint exactly which texts generate 95% of the dating results

You will have the best texts to send in EVERY situation so you never need to think about “what to text” again.

Bonus #4 ($997 Value)

"Daygame Mastery Secrets"

"DotCom Secrets LIVE"
Do you freeze up when you see an attractive woman in public? 

Not sure HOW to talk to her? 

You will learn how to CRUSH that anxiety and create confidence that 99% of men will never have...

In this course you'll learn:
  • How to completely remove "approach-anxiety' during the daytime to talk to and attract women, even go on “instant dates”, and take them home... YES, when the sun is up!
  • The real-life “superpower” of being able to meet new women ANYWHERE... Gyms, Cafes, Parks (while they are in a group or alone!)
  • The super simple ‘Daytime Seduction Formula’ that you can follow to attract women FAST! 

Bonus #6 ($497 Value)

John Anthony Mastermind 

"Expert Secrets LIVE"
Do you "plateau" in dating?

Not sure where you went wrong and your friends give bad dating advice? 

I give you exclusive access to my Personal MASTERMIND Group where you can have ALL your questions on dating  answered within 24 hours.

Also, join a THRIVING with a strong community of dedicated men who are dedicated to handling their dating lives. 

    Bonus #8 ($427 Value)

    6-Week Challenge Fast Start System

    "Traffic Secrets LIVE"
    Want to start having more sex FAST?

    An overwhelming majority of students get laid within the first 1 or 2 weeks of joining the Platinum Dating System... 

    This “fast start system” will practically guarantee you rapid results

    In the 6-Week Challenge Fast Start System:
    • You will have the exact step-by-step actions for success clearly broken down and laid out into easily applicable weekly challenges
    • The secret to go from beginner to advanced-level game in only WEEKS. (It doesn’t take years!)
    • The skills and "reference experiences" to date the women of your dreams, find your ideal girlfriend, or have unlimited dating options...  

    What If You Could Date New Women ON-DEMAND...

    When You Apply For A Free 30 Minute Dating Strategy Session

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    Worth Of Dating "Dynamite" For FREE 

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    I Wanted To Make This A "No-Brainer" For You

    Here are the BONUS FREE GIFTS I’m Giving Away To The
    First 20 Guys In March

    70 HOURS of “Behind-the-Scenes” 
    Footage (See Exactly What I Do & Say To Attract Women) 

    Want to see what real "expert-level game" looks like? 

    You're going to love this...

    I hand-picked 70+ of my best FULL, UNCUT interactions picking up women...

    I show you step-by-step from “hello” to taking her home ( as little as 5 minutes).
    Dan Kennedy speaking on stage

    Professional Photography Makeover

    Can’t find a photographer? 

    Don’t understand fashion for dating?  

    Our fashion consultant will give you a 
    complete “makeover” and wardrobe change based on highlighting your most attractive features...

    And what women find most attractive...

    We will also find you a professional-photographer in YOUR city to help you take model-tier dating profile pictures... 
    74 Funnel Swipe File book
    Please Note: This offer is only available for the first 20 guys who book a call. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone. This is NOT available anywhere else. 

    Done For You Dating Profiles & Ratings

    Unsure which photos attract the most women?

    Not a professional photo-editor? 

    No problem.

    Our team of hot women will rank and apply aesthetic upgrades to your photos so that they are optimized for attractiveness.  

    I will personally write your dating profile bios and descriptions based on my best-performing frameworks

    No matter what dating app you use... Tinder... Bumble... Hinge... you will be in the top 1% of dating profiles!

    Instead of being just another “average guy” on the dating apps, you will stand out and get new dates on-demand.

    Magnetic Marketing book

    So, What Are You Waiting For?

    All you have to do is say, "MAYBE" and the bonuses could be yours FREE!

    No B.S. + Behind The Scenes Newsletters + bonuses

    When You Say "Maybe" Today You Could Have ALL Of This...

      The Complete Platinum Dating System................................................($2997 Value)

      LIVE Coaching & Training With John Anthony..................................($7000 Value)

      The Complete Platinum Dating System........... ($2997 Value)

      LIVE Coaching & Training With John Anthony ($7000 Value)

      Complete “Automated Online Dates Machine......................................($1997 Value)

      "Automated Dates Machine"...................... ($1997 Value)

      Texting Mastery Blueprint..........................................................................($1697 Value)

      Complete Texting Mastery Blueprint..................... ($1697 Value)

      Nightgame Seduction System....................................................................($1297 Value)

      Nightgame Seduction System ........................................($1297 Value)

      Daygame Mastery Secrets.............................................................................($997 Value)

      Daygame Mastery Secrets........................... ($997 Value)

      The “Turning Dates Into Lays” Masterclass.............................................($997 Value)

      The "Turning Dates Into Lays Masterclass................... ($997 Value)

      John Anthony Mastermind ..........................................................................($497 Value)

      Ultimate Lead Working Guide.....................................................................($597 Value)

      6-Week Challenge Fast Start System..........................................................($427 Value)

      John Anthony Mastermind................. ($497 Value)

      Ultimate Lead Working Guide............................. ($597 Value)

      6-Week Challenge Fast Start System........................... ($427 Value)

    BONUS! 70+ HOURS of "Behind-the-Scenes" Footage (How I Do It).....($3K Value)

    FIRST 20 BONUS! Professional Photography Makeover........................($1997 Value)

    FIRST 20 BONUS! Optimal Dating Profile Creation Session.................($1497 Value)

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    Schedule Your Free 30-Minute Call

    So, What's The Catch...?

    Like I said in the beginning, I'm giving you this insane gift as a bribe, to learn more about the Platinum Dating System.

    Why would I do this?

    Well, there are actually a few reasons...

    1. I want to show gratitude to the guys who have supported me along the way. No matter how you found my content, I'm grateful for your time and wanted to give you something INSANELY value-packed!

    2. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to improve your dating life by crushing ALL POSSIBLE EXCUSES! I can't do this forever, but right now you have a chance to lock in this LIFE-CHANGING opportunity FOREVER!

    3. I’ve dedicated the vast majority of my adult life to mastering the dating game, faced countless rejections and conducted thousands of “social experiments” to optimize my system... Unlike other "gurus" who don’t get results themselves or are distracted by other businesses, I actually care about your dating results and want you to succeed... that's why I can share with you ALL of my best stuff, without holding back ANYTHING!

    4. I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how effective this is, you'll get more excited to buy other stuff from me in the future. The more I can improve your dating life, the more likely you are to show gratitude and join my $50k masterminds and programs in the future.

    5. I'm a bit of a show-off... not gonna lie. I'm sick of people throwing out bullshit dating advice without any real PROOF to back it up. I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to give REAL advice, show my personal stats and numbers behind what I have accomplished in the game, and well... honestly, I just want you to be impressed. :)

    Why Time Is Running Out...

    This is a limited offer, and here's why: 

    1st) We only have the space to take on 20 guys for the “Professional Photography Makeover”. We are fully INVESTING into your dating success, and our International photographers have limited bandwidth, so if this page is online now, then this opportunity is still available...

    2nd) I wanted to make this a complete no-brainer for EVERY single or divorced guy. Since I need to keep the quality of attention and focus HIGH, I can’t take in everyone who applies... If you don’t book a call NOW while this page is live... you’ll NEVER be able to secure this offer again. 

    3rd) This bonus pricing (80%+ discount) AND the bonus offer will not last forever. We are selling out room in our February cohort, and as soon as we hit capacity, we will be raising the prices again. It's simple supply and demand and it's happening now.

    So NOW is the time to book a call before it’s too late.

    "Do you have a guarantee?"

    Yes, But Not Only That... 
    Have THREE Guarantees For You

    guarantee seal

    Guarantee #1 - You Get Results, Or We Don’t Stop

    I 100% guarantee that you'll love this program, or I'll continue to work with you until you at least secure your first 8 rock-solid dates with hot women.

    That's right. I’ll continue to work with you until you start getting real results. If we haven’t gotten results after 8 weeks I’ll continue working with you until you do. 

    Here is the best bit, most of our guys are sleeping with 1-2 new women a week, but our guarantee is simple, at a minimum I will continue guiding you until you secure at least a minimum of 8 dates or you don’t pay a cent! 
    No B.S. Just Support

    Guarantee #2 - “No Man Left Behind” Guarantee

    We guarantee support. We know the dating journey can get tough, with plenty of roadblocks and difficult decisions...

    If you need help with following the system I have laid out, or have ANY questions, you'll be able to reach our team of dating experts on live Zoom calls or message us to receive a response within a 24-hour period.

    You're not alone on this journey. We truly care about your success, and that's why we'll be there for you... “No Man Left Behind”!

    Guarantee #3 - My Ridiculous and Downright "Bribery" 365-Day Guarantee

    I'm not playing around here... ;)

    If in the next 12 months you didn’t experience transformative results... and you've given my team and I the chance to personally help you... 

    Then I will personally refund 100% of your initial investment.

    How can I have such a powerful guarantee?

    Because what I teach WORKS.

    I've used my own system to sleep with 1,450+ women across 30+ countries... and it's helped 10,000+ average guys around the world get top-tier dating results...

    Imagine if you used just ONE piece of my system... and you start getting more women into your life almost instantly... 

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    How much would you pay to have dating handled forever?

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    Here's What To Do Next...

    From here it's just finalizing the details and securing your gifts

    Click on the green button below right now, tell me a little about your current dating life and problems you are facing, pick a time and we can finally get started!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I can't wait to get these bonuses into your hands!

    Talk soon,
    John Anthony 

    No B.S. + Behind The Scenes Newsletters + bonuses

    All you have to do is say, "MAYBE" and the gift is yours... for FREE!

    P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

    I'm sending you my course, "7-Day Seduction System", after you apply for a FREE 30-minute dating strategy session to learn more about the Platinum Dating System today!

    You'll also get 8 value-packed bonuses for FREE (Normally valued at least $15k) if you sign up for the Platinum Dating System! 

    Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love the program - we have 3 rock-solid guarantees that make this a complete no-brainer for you... 

    Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Click the button, book a 30-minute dating strategy session to learn about more about the Platinum Dating System today!

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    What My Students Say About My Training...


    All you have to do is say, "MAYBE" and the gift is yours... for FREE!

    If You're Still Here...

    You Must Be Thinking,
    "Will This REALLY Work For Me?"

    Listen, this isn't another "bullshit dating course" that you forget about next week... or never actually used. No way.

    What you'll be receiving are “cheat codes” for dating that you'll want to refer back to every time you decide to “get back in the game”... want to skyrocket your dating options... recover from a breakup... or simply want more inspiration on what it’s like to get more sex than you can handle... 

    So, I want to make it crystal clear about who this is really for...
    Dan Kennedy on stage
    This is FOR YOU if you want to permanently handle your dating life, REGARDLESS of looks, height, age, ethnicity, lack of experience, anxiety, or not knowing what to do and say... and it can be in-person or online, or both... EVEN IF you are busy, live in a small town or have children.

    This is for the man who may be recently single, divorced, or lonely and wants to cut through the BS and get to the core of what will get you dates & sex with the hottest women FAST. Shortening your learning curve from YEARS to WEEKS... Straight up. 

    This is NOT FOR YOU if you think your dream woman will magically fall into your bed tomorrow without putting in any effort to implement my optimized dating system...

    This is also NOT for the habitual "theory-junkies"... the guys that watch every dating product in 
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    This will be the LAST dating product you'll ever need - a full-stop solution that covers all your bases in dating for a lifetime. 
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    With that said... my question to you is this: can you really afford NOT to apply for a FREE call and learn more?

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    Real Women. Real Results...

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What makes the Platinum Dating System special?

    A: This is a comprehensive final solution for dating. No gimmicks. You will be fully equipped with everything you will ever need for in-person AND online dating success... Then, as we hold your hand through my optimized system, we'll continue to grow the database of archived coaching calls so you can have ALL the answers you will ever ask about dating answered in one spot! There’s a reason why my system has helped over 10,000+ men get the best dating results in the industry. You just "copy" what works in each part of the training I give you, in the exact manner I teach you - and you get results. 

    Q: Will this work if I’m not “good-looking”?

    A: I’ll go so far as to say that this is the ONLY way to attract women if you’re not overly handsome or impressive in the looks department. So yes, it will, and if you’re not good looking and don’t create natural attraction that way (don’t feel bad, I’m not good looking and some of the best guys I’ve met with women are not handsome at all)—you absolutely need to be able to trigger these feelings in her. 

    That’s what this method helps you do, no matter how you look

    Q: Will this work for me if I’m over 40, divorced or balding? 

    A: Yes, this system works especially well if you’re over 40. In fact, we’ve had tons of guys in their 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s use these techniques with success - often on women many years younger. Again, this is scientific and leverages her biology in ways that work for guys at any age. 

    Oh, and balding won’t make a difference. I’ve trained bald guys who’ve seduced women whose number one turn-on was a fully, sexy head of hair. This stuff triggers intense sexual desire in a way that women love and literally dream about feeling, and works no matter what you look like.

    Q: Is using this system a lot of hard work? 

    A: So here’s the thing man: as I noted, I’m the kind of guy who is into systems and efficiency. I literally am grossed out by unnecessary effort, steps or effort in any area--whether it’s with work, women, anything. So I’ve REALLY gone the extra mile to streamline this process into a simple, easy, doable series of steps that works pretty much every time

    And judging from my own results, and my ability to take the toughest cases (like guys who’ve never had sex before) and get them laid quickly, I think I’ve done a damn good job at it. Nothing else works this rapidly or effectively... because if it did, I would be using THAT and not this method. This is what works. All you need to do is join me and put a tiny bit of effort in. Before you know it, you’re right there at the top... and then the rest - from approaching women to getting physical back at your place - feels easy and naturally just part of who you are. 

    No B.S. + Behind The Scenes Newsletters + bonuses

    All you have to do is say, "MAYBE" and the gift is yours... for FREE!

    Q: Who Is This For?

    A: This is for the single or divorced man who wants to take complete control of their dating life. The man that wants to implement real dating strategies for quantifiable results. This is for the man that wants to flood their life with new dates, new women, and sexual options for a lifetime, without being swindled into another woo-woo feel-good "tactic." 

    The Platinum Dating System hits you with raw, practical dating strategies that have helped over 10,000 men skyrocket their dating results. Then, The LIVE Training With John Anthony (me) guides you step-by-step through my optimized dating system so you can fix your weaknesses and roadblocks INSTANTLY... which saves you time because you know the right move to make in every situation! Let us show you the mistakes, so you can get results FAST without wasting time!

    Q: Do You Have A Guarantee?

    A: We don't have a guarantee... we have THREE! That's right. We are guaranteeing your membership 3X so you can know for certainty this is the RIGHT move to make, today!

    We guarantee you real results, which means that we’ll 100% guarantee that you'll love this program, or I'll continue to work with you until you at least secure your first 8 rock-solid dates with hot women.

    We guarantee your success! Once you're a member of Platinum Dating System, you'll have around-the-clock support from our team of dating experts who are there to help guide you step-by-step through my system and answer any questions you may have... so you can get more dates with higher-quality women this WEEK!

    We also have a ridiculous, and downright “Bribery” 180-Day guarantee which says if in first 6 months you didn’t experience transformative results & get laid... and you've given my team and I the chance to personally help you... then I will personally pay for your flights & accommodation to attend our live in-person training AND refund your initial investment.

    Q: How Much Does It Cost?

    A: It depends on the package you choose, but we have packages for all budgets. Not only do we have some options that are DIY and are affordable for any reasonable budget, but we also have higher-end options for those who want more attention and guidance. 

    Today, you have the option to secure up to $15k of insanely effective dating value from myself... completely free! Your first step is to book a FREE 30-minute dating strategy call so we can go over exactly how we can help you achieve your dating goals and the best options. 

    Q: Can I Just Find Your Content Online?

    A: Yes, you can find some of my content on YouTube or TikTok... But how much do you value your time? You can waste months or years trying to “piece together” a proper strategy on your own... OR you can instantly apply the “secret sauce” strategies I teach my paid students to cut your learning curve from years down to WEEKS...

    And right now, you can take a step into the “underground” and secure over $15K worth of 
    premium, actionable dating information... for a fraction of what my elite clients have paid... But we don't know how long this limited offer will run. Once we reach our capacity of 20 guys, that's it. So, don't wait! Book a FREE 30-minute dating strategy session today!

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