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Loris G

Loris is a 45-old-year guy who didn't  believe he could consistently date younger women. Over the program, Loris was able to blast past his barriers and sleep with a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old on the same weekend. 

Tavion M

Tavion was a virgin who had failed with many other dating coaches in the past, and was on the verge of giving up on dating forever. Tavion was able to get 8 new women over 8 weeks, and overcome all of his mental barriers around dating. 

Nikolas C

Nikolas was a successful entrepreneur who had handled everything... except for dating. He was dating "6s and 7s" and had only been with 5 girls in his life. through coaching, Nikolas was able to sleep with 48 women, including a few models & celebrities. 

Jack R

Jack was struggling with getting dates. "You're responsible for over 80% of my laycount. I've had a new date every day for the past week". He went from having only slept with 10 women in his lifetime to over 50+ new women. He was able to literally 5x his dating results and has no problems continuing this for life!

Sam S

Sam was 44 years-old and was having problems dating women after a breakup. He was able to get 9 new women in less than 3 weeks, AND banged the hottest woman in his entire life. Now, he has no barriers around his age, and is consistently dating younger women.  

Ryan W

Ryan was failing to get results in his dating life after a long hiatus. He was able to get more women than he ever had, and even slept with one of the  hottest girls in his lifetime. Now, he never needs to experience loneliness from being single, with a reliable flow of new dates and women in his life. 

Adir P

Adir was struggling with his self-image  and dating life after wasting tons of time with other coaches. Adir was able to sleep with 6 new women and find a girl who he had an amazing connection with in the period of only 7 weeks. With a proven process and consistent results, he will never struggle in his dating life ever again!

Andrew J

Andrew was stuck in a "dry-spell" (no sex) for months, and was extremely busy with work. During the program, Andrew was able to sleep with 6 new women in only 3 weeks, and have a rock-solid game plan every time he talked to women. He now has the skills to get laid whenever he wants, and will never have a dry-spell again. 

Evan B

Evan was getting no results from online dating, and was extremely busy with work. Through the program, Evan was able to get 50 new phone numbers from women in a matter of only a few days. He also slept with a few of the most attractive women he had ever slept with. He now has the skills to consistently get new women into his life like clockwork. 

Peter B

Peter had been with 10 women in his life, but wasn't satisfied with his results. During the program, in the period of 2 months, he was able to get 10 new women. That's more than 1 new woman every single week! Now, he has the ability to repeat this success for a lifetime, and permanently have an abundance of sex and dating options. 

Theo S

Theo didn't have a structured game plan for dating, and was trying to date the highest quality women. Over the program, not only was he able to do so, but he achieved this while putting in much less time than he was before. Now, he has the proper strategy to consistently get higher quality women into his life, with little effort. 

Owen A

Owen had taken many dating programs with other coaches and didn't learn anything that got him results. The main problem was that he didn't learn a proper step-by-step strategy that would get him the results he wanted. After John's training, he was able to take a woman home on the 2nd day. Now, he knows exactly what to do & say to attract the women he meets, anywhere!

Val L

Val was trapped by the "Red Pill" for years, struggling to get results because of lack of practical advice. After working with John, he was able to break through his mental barriers, and get amazing results in his dating life. Now, he will never struggle with self-doubt or dating ever again. 

Nick S

Nick was stuck in a "dry-spell" for 8 months, and had failed with tons of other dating coaches. He very quickly saw results, and has made his sex life "much simpler", and "much better" with the game plan that he was provided. With the skills he developed, he will never have a dry-spell again.  

Chris A

Chris was a man who already had success in dating, but wanted the extra edge to get ahead and date even more women. He says: "Absolutely transformative, let's you see things from a completely different level. This is the real deal." Now, he is on track to dating 3-4 women every week with ease. 

Matt L

Matt was recently divorced and lived at home with his ex-wife. Terrible logistics by any standard. Throughout the mentorship, Matt was able to get 10 new women in only 8 weeks, and gained some crazy experiences (like in his video). This was done even though he didn't have his own place to take them back, and was travelling a lot!

Kieran M

Kieran had terrible social anxiety and self-doubts when dating, and wasted tons of time with other dating coaches.  The main problem he had was that he didn't have a solid game plan for how to meet and attract women anywhere, anytime. Kieran was able to overcome that and take home a model during the program!

Tyler M

Tyler hadn't been getting dates for years. However, once he got on program, he was able to get tons more dates that led to him getting laid for the first time in years (with one of the hottest women he's ever had)! Now, he has the ability to get dates and new women into his life on autopilot. 

Pat D

Pat was having trouble getting women's phone number and meeting women out at night. During the program, he was able to triple the quantity of phone numbers he got when he whenever he went out. 

Jake K

Jake had done programs before with another dating company that didn't get him results. This resulted in frustration because this was something he knew he had to take care of. Over the mentorship, Jake was able to get 10 new women in 8 weeks. 

Noah J

Noah: "I saw your content, and just the engineering brain behind you, the systematized stuff, and I really didn't see anyone else doing that."

Mark A

Mark had only been with 1 girl in his entire life. During the program, John showed Mark the exact process to taking women home at night, and within the 1st, he was taking one home! He says this was one of the biggest breakthroughs in his dating life, and drastically improved his ability to meet and date new women. 

Nassim Q

Nassim: "I've seen dramatic progress in my night game, it's crazy." After the program, he's now able to take new women home almost every single night. Now, he has the ability to meet, attract, and date women anywhere, even though he was unsure and shy just weeks before. 

David F

David had only been with 1 woman during his life. On program, he was able to get 5 new women AND a threesome in only 1.5 weeks. Most men will never have a threesome in their lives, but he was able to experience this in less than 2 weeks! Crazy stuff.  He says: "It was life changing", and for good reason!

Elijah W

Elijah: "It's a very scientific method, and I really appreciate it. I greatly helped me get new phone numbers and have a process." Now, he never needs to worry about a drought in his dating life, as he is able to predictably generate new dates every single week. 

Jordan G

Jordan was having difficulty bringing new women into his life after listening to other dating coaches. Now, he has the step-by-step process and has unlimited sexual abundance whenever he wants. He will never struggle with the long droughts and dating hiatuses that most men will face.  

Adir P

Adir was exposed to dating advice for 5 years, which only gave him minor results. After the program, he was able to get nearly 50+ new women in a matter of months. He was able to 4-5x his dating life, and completely skyrocket his dating and sexual abundance. 

Sul M

Sul knew that dating was a huge part of his life that he wanted to master. "Dating (game), is the hardest test. With John, everything is so systematic, it made everything easier." Now, with the best game plan and strategy, he is able to meet new women, anywhere, anytime. 

Joe G

Joe wasted a ton of time watching YT videos, trying to fix his dating life and learned nothing. He knew he needed to change that. After the program, in only 2 weeks, Joe was able to get 7 new women. Joe had surpassed 200+ women over the period of a couple years, and is living a top 1% dating life most men would only dream of. 

Andy L

Andy was a 19 year-old who wanted to get ahead of the game and skyrocket his dating results early. "Now I'm well on my way to hitting the 700 laycount goal". Instead of wasting his time following dating coaches for years, he now has the strategy and skills to permanently have abundance in dating for decades to come!

Michael C

Michael was having trouble with dating after coming out of a looooong relationship. After the program, he feels like he has now "unlocked the code to hacking dating". Even as an older guy, he is equipped with the skillset to never struggle in dating again. 

Richard T

Richard started off as a 27-year-old virgin. He found it tough to lose his virginity, especially with his age. During the program, within only 3 days, he was able to lose his virginity! He got the monkey off his back, and now feels incredibly confident and assured with dating. 

Edward J

Edward wasn't a fan of John... yet. Once he got onto john's training program, within 2 weeks, he was also able to get with his 10/10 dream girl. Now, he has the skills and strategy to consistently attract 9s and 10s into his life, without overthinking. 

James D

James had been struggling for years to get any results from online dating. During the program he ended up talking to 21 different women, has 3 dates lined up in a week, and is living his dream sexual life. Moving forward, he will never worry about where the next date is coming from, and never has to get more dating advice again. 

Josh P

Josh was struggling with online dating, and was completely lost in his dating life. He had no idea how to talk to women during the night & day. Now, Josh feels much more confident around women, and is able to consistently get new women every week. With an abundance of women in his life, Josh never needs to struggle in dating like most men ever again. 

Alex S

Alex says: "Last night was wild, one of THE best nights had out. This usually doesn't happen for me". Alex is now equipped with the exact step-by-step process to meet, attract, and take home women from bars & clubs. Now, every time he meets an attractive women, he knows exactly what to do to attract, vibe, and take her home the same night!

Jose S

Jose had failed with advice from other dating coaches, because he didn't have a specific strategy to get the women he really wanted. Now, Jose is much more relaxed and has full control of his sexual life, getting 2 women every week on average. He has permanently handled his dating life, and will never fail again!

Matt J

Matt had just broken up with his girlfriend, and was trying to back on his feet. It used to take him a long time before he had sex again. Within the first 1.5 weeks of using the program, he was able to get 2 new women. Now, he has the ability to rebound after a breakup fast, and avoid the months of pain he experienced in the past. 

Lazar P

Lazar was nervous and unsure of what to do & say in his interactions with women. He  always felt like he was stumbling around with no plan.
During the program, Lazar feels a lot more confident in every aspect of game, and understands what to do in any and all situations. He is on track to finding his dream girlfriend, and will never need dating advice ever again. 

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